The Joseph Saveri Law Firm Expands Its Team Of Lawyers With Cadio Zirpoli & Travis Manfredi Joining The Firm

San Francisco, CA | The Joseph Saveri Law Firm, one of the nation's premier antitrust law firms, is pleased to announce the expansion of its partnership as Cadio Zirpoli joins the firm. His experience and vast knowledge of antitrust, cartel litigation, and class-action law strengthen the firm's position as an innovator and leader in today's legal landscape.

The firm also welcomes new associate Travis Manfredi, an attorney at the forefront of intellectual property law. He brings the distinction of being a certified privacy expert for U.S. laws and international business practices (CIPP-US and CIPM). Travis enhances the firm's IP footprint and brings extensive privacy and trademark experience.

"Cadio brings years of international litigation experience to the firm. Not only does he add prodigious depth and expertise, but his dynamic work ethic and dedication to the law personify everything we stand for. I have been fortunate to call Cadio a friend and colleague for over 20 years, I couldn’t be happier to have him join us as a partner," said firm founder and partner Joseph Saveri.

"We are honored to have an attorney of Cadio’s caliber join our litigation team. His impressive track record speaks for what kind of lawyer he is. His success comes from an unmatched work ethic and we are excited to see him add to an already stacked resume,” adds partner Steve Williams.

Cadio Zirpoli brings a fresh perspective on class-action litigation and enhances the firm's depth and breadth in complex international cartel cases. Zirpoli is eager to expand his horizons and stretch his legal mind with a broader spectrum of work. His dedication to clients and integrity to the profession make him a perfect addition to the firm's already deep bench of litigators.

Zirpoli said he looks forward to “continuing my practice litigating some of the largest cartel cases in the country, as well as prosecuting cases in new areas, such as pay-for-delay, no-poach, and consumer class-actions,” when asked about his new role.

Travis Manfredi is a sought-after IP attorney and an asset to the team. In addition to his vast knowledge of class-action and antitrust law, Travis's IP litigation and advertising and promotions experience add diversity to the firm's legal practice. He brings his legal prowess in trademark and copyright litigation, trademark prosecution, and knowledge of the intricacies of contests and sweepstakes rules.

"I am excited to join The Joseph Saveri Law Firm team, where I will continue to work on many of the largest antitrust cases in the United States," said Manfredi. "I am also looking forward to utilizing the skills and knowledge I've obtained working outside the antitrust world to broaden my litigation practice."

The Joseph Saveri Law Firm is nationally recognized for its cutting-edge antitrust and no-poach litigation work. These cases span many industries, including banking and financial services, insurance, pharmaceuticals, computer hardware, computer software, travel and transportation, securities, consumer electronics, and manufacturing inputs. The firm represents entrepreneurs, small businesses, individuals, consumers, public officials, and heads of corporations that have been negatively affected by price-fixing, monopolistic business practices, and complex commercial litigation. The firm is dedicated to the community with a robust pro bono practice, with recognition across California for its drive to bring legal services to those who need it most.