Abraham Maggard

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Abraham Maggard joined the firm in 2021 as an associate. He currently plays a key role in drafting pleadings, conducting legal research, and responding to public inquiries for legal assistance. Believing in a client first mentality, he approaches his practice with an open mind and flexibility to make sure he works with compassion.

For the past two years in two separate stints, Abraham was a law clerk and legal intern at the firm. In those roles, he successfully:

  • drafted legal memoranda researching antitrust case law and statutory precedent
  • drafted and prepared court motions for filing
  • researched and presented potential antitrust cases and worked with potential clients
  • drafted documents for pro bono cases, such as an opposition for motion for summary judgment on a 42 U.S.C. §1983 (civil action for deprivation of rights) claim
  • researched and drafted articles for publication in antitrust law periodicals

Prior to joining the firm, Abraham was a student attorney at the Washington, D.C.-based Rising for Justice, where he represented disadvantaged clients in the landlord and tenant branch of the D.C. Superior Court, led a mediation for a client, and interviewed potential clients. In 2019, he was a legal intern at a New York City-based bond rating agency, where he worked with United States’ regulations on credit ranking agencies embodied by Dodd-Frank and Securities and Exchange Commission 17g rules (disclosures required from nationally recognized statistical ratings organizations) to assist with regulatory compliance. He also drafted a project comparing the California Consumer Privacy Act and other states’ privacy laws and reviewed and modified non-disclosure agreements. Before that, in 2016-2017, he was a legal intern at a small Albuquerque, New Mexico law office where he summarized depositions, drafted, and composed court documents, and reorganized and compiled a filing system for the office’s documents database.

While in law school at Georgetown University Law Center, Abraham was the articles editor for the Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics and section member for the American Civil Liberties Union. As an undergraduate at the University of New Mexico (UNM), he was a project leader of Nourish International UNM chapter’s summer project in Pueblo Nuevo, Nicaragua, where he coordinated students from the University of California at Berkeley and UNM to construct a maternity clinic with the help of the local community.