Our Pro Bono Team | Giving Back to the Community

Every day we are reminded that the world we live in is not equal. This is clearly evident in the law. Courtrooms are filled with people lacking representation because they cannot afford it or their constitutional rights have been ignored. Our legal system was built on the basis of justice for all, but that rings hollow, especially today.

The Joseph Saveri Law Firm is dedicated to helping our community and those that cannot afford legal representation. Our pro bono clients get the same energy, passion, successful strategies, and commitment that have made us the reputable firm we are today.


Our pro bono team frequently works with the Northern District of California’s Federal Pro Bono Project (FPBP), which operates in conjunction with the Bar Association of San Francisco’s Justice and Diversity Center (JDC). Among other activities, the JDC provides pro bono services to underserved San Francisco residents and communities, and the organizations that serve them. Their services are provided through volunteer attorneys, paralegals, law students, college students, social workers, and other qualified professionals. Its staff and volunteers assist thousands of clients with legal consultation and representation in nearly every area of civil law.

To be referred for placement with a pro bono attorney, the Court issues an order asking FPBP to identify counsel. A litigant must be representing themselves, lack the resources to retain counsel, and have a case that warrants pro bono legal representation. Many cases involve federal civil rights violations. Appointments may be for full-scope representation for the duration of a case or for limited purposes, e.g., representation at a settlement conference or hearing on a motion to dismiss.

This work is more than helping those in need, it is a chance to help correct injustices and balance the scales towards equality. Many of the cases we take on are fighting systemic prejudice and oppression. Just like our antitrust cases, we aren’t afraid to go up against the establishment. We are the voice for those that have been pushed to the bottom and rendered silent. 

Many of our attorneys are honored and humbled to donate their time to this vital project. We have been recognized for our “excellent” work at achieving successful results for our clients. Our team has attended JDC events, and its members have received certificates of appreciation from the JDC. In 2021, the firm was shortlisted as an “Outstanding Firm for Pro Bono” for the Chambers Diversity & Inclusion Awards: North America 2021. And its program was profiled in Super Lawyers magazine.