It is an all too common occurrence that, depending on the manufacturer of certain consumer goods, consumers are not able to repair the products they have bought - be it on their own or at a service facility.

Manufacturers of consumer products have long fought to limit consumer repair rights, often by using unfair business practices such as copyright laws and end-user license agreements. These practices not only make it more difficult for consumers to repair their own products but also lead to higher prices and fewer options when repairs are necessary. 

By preventing consumers from accessing necessary parts and services, manufacturers are able to force consumers to pay more for repair services. This can lead to significant economic hardship for those who are unable or unwilling to access manufacturer-approved repair services. 


“Right to repair” refers to the concept of allowing users to freely repair their products in the event of mechanical or technical failure. Four requirements must be met:

  • Products or devices should be constructed in a way that allows them to be easily repaired.
  • Those who provide repair services should be able to access original spare parts, software, and tools.
  • Software should not stand in the way of repairs.
  • Manufacturers should communicate the repairability of a device.

If a product you bought fails to work properly or breaks down, it is often difficult or impossible to repair it yourself due to restrictive clauses in manufacturers' terms and conditions. To combat this, right to repair law has become an important consumer protection tool. It ensures that consumers have the resources they need to fix their products without being forced to purchase replacements from the manufacturer or pay for expensive repairs. The Joseph Saveri Law Firm, LLP has filed consumer protection litigation against manufacturers and will continue to fight for your right to repair.


Our firm is committed to protecting consumers’ rights by advocating for the enforcement of right to repair laws nationwide. If you feel that your rights as a consumer have been violated by a manufacturer who has prevented you from repairing your own product, please contact us. Our right to repair California based attorneys will help ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

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