The Joseph Saveri Law Firm represents individuals and businesses in complex business disputes across diverse industries: banking and financial services, insurance, energy, pharmaceuticals, agricultural products, computer hardware, computer software, manufacturing inputs, travel and transportation, paper products, cosmetics, and consumer electronics.

Disputes in the business sector often arise when illegal activities are entered into to achieve financial gain for an individual or a company. How do these types of disputes become “complex”?

  • Issues in suits involving multiple parties—individuals, entities, or a combination—become more challenging to untangle when the number of parties increases.
  • Multiple venues may complicate the litigation due to activity occurring in more than one jurisdiction, which then becomes subject to different laws, regulations, orders, and agreements.
  • Lastly, these cases often require extensive analysis of business records or highly technical financial or insurance documents.

Cases such as these may or may not have to proceed to trial, but they typically require concentrated effort from multiple attorneys, analysts, and experts to ensure sufficient and successful representation. Our firm has extensive experience with case leadership, working with co-counsel and analytical professionals, and succeeding in multidistrict litigation. Our team has expertise with diving into and making sense of what seems nonsensical, then turning our efforts into victories for our clients.


Is your business dispute complex? Are you feeling overwhelmed about the layers of issues and conflict cutting across multiple parties, various branches of your business, or multiple locations across the country?

We encourage you to contact us about these types of complex business disputes impacting your employees, your overall business, or your relationship with competitors. We will provide a preliminary evaluation without charge, and any conversations will be kept confidential as provided by law. Our team of trusted and experienced attorneys is here to help you.