Since its inception in 2012, the Joseph Saveri Law Firm has quickly developed one of the most recognized antitrust and global competition law practices in the United States, recovering billions of dollars for classes of consumers and purchasers. Our top-notch, diverse set of attorneys have contributed to numerous firm accolades rivaling those of larger, longer-tenured firms. We consistently serve in leadership roles in some of the nation’s most important antitrust cases.

To date, we have litigated cases across many industries, including banking and financial services, insurance, pharmaceuticals, computer hardware, computer software, travel and transportation, and consumer electronics. We represent individuals, consumers, small business owners, public officials, and heads of corporations that have been negatively affected by monopolistic business practices.

We are also active in⁠ – and have a winning record for⁠ – “no-poach” litigation involving illegal agreements among employers to not hire each other’s employees in order to suppress their employee’s mobility and earning potential.


Are you a victim of unfair competition? Have illegal agreements or other forms of collusive behavior hampered your employment or purchasing prospects? Perhaps you are concerned generally with the role of antitrust and global competition in our era of increasing business consolidation?

We encourage you to contact us about these or any other issues you are aware of that impact you, your colleagues, or your friends and family. We will answer your questions and evaluate your situation without charge, and any conversations will be kept confidential as provided by law. We are here for you when you need us.