Our class action attorneys represent a broad range of classes, including entrepreneurs, individuals, consumers, small business owners, public officials, and corporations that have been negatively affected by monopolistic business practices.  These class actions cover many industries such as banking and financial services, insurance, pharmaceuticals, computer hardware, computer software, travel and transportation, consumer electronics, and athletes and sports leagues.

Our Firm consistently serves in leadership roles in some of the nation’s most important class action related cases. We are adept at managing parallel investigations, in which litigation often takes place in tandem with, or prompted by, federal and state regulators and law enforcement agencies. Our settlement and courtroom victories in federal and state jurisdictions have earned over $4 billion in damages relief for our clients.  We are second to none when it comes to communicating with clients during all litigation phases: case initiation, motion practice, discovery, class member recruitment and certification, settlement negotiation and approval, trial, appeals, and settlement fund distribution.


  • In re High-Tech Employees Antitrust Litigation: We served as Co-Lead Class Counsel for a class of over 60,000 employees of leading technology companies such as Google and Apple https://saverilawfirm.com/our-cases/high-tech-employees-antitrust-litigation/gainst their employers for their alleged agreements to restrict recruiting to suppress wages. Three Defendants agreed to settlements, now finalized, totaling $20 million. Following the Court’s denial of their motions for summary judgment, the remaining Defendants agreed to a settlement totaling $415 million, which has also received final approval.
  • In re Cipro Cases I and II: As Co-Lead Counsel in this class action, we are successfully representing a class of California consumers and insurers who brought antitrust claims against Bayer Corporation, Barr Laboratories, and other generic drug manufacturers, alleging that the companies paid drug manufacturers to delay the release of a Cipro alternative. In May 2015, The California Supreme Court ruled in Plaintiffs’ favor: a ground-breaking holding that these type of “pay-for-delay” arrangements were subject to antitrust scrutiny under California law and adopting a “structured” rule of reason that curtailed available defenses. The case settled in 2017 for $399 million: a record for this type of case.
  • In re Capacitors Price-Fixing Antitrust Litigation: We are currently Sole Lead Counsel in a class action lawsuit alleging that global capacitor manufacturers conspired to fix prices, forcing direct purchasers to pay more. Capacitors are devices placed in electric circuits that temporarily store electrical charge, and nearly every electronic device manufactured today contains them. We seek damages relief for a Direct Purchasers Plaintiff Class for the unlawful overcharge on capacitors resulting from the Defendants’ alleged collusion. Class is certified and the trial is currently in progress (pending the coronavirus pandemic). To date, settlements reached with 13 of the original Defendants to the action total $343.5 million.
  • In re Lidoderm Antitrust Litigation: We served as End-Payors’ Interim Liaison Counsel in a class action lawsuit brought by indirect purchasers of Lidoderm against Endo Pharmaceuticals, Teikoku, and Actavis Inc. Plaintiffs claim that Defendants entered into an illegal “reverse payment” agreement in which Endo provided nearly $100 million worth of branded Lidoderm and additional consideration to Actavis to keep generic lidocaine patches off the market. Plaintiffs allege that the agreement delayed generic competition and caused Plaintiffs to pay higher prices. The case settled in 2018 shortly before trial for $105 million.
  • In re Restasis (Cyclosporine Ophthalmic Emulsion) Antitrust Litigation: We are Interim Co-Lead Counsel for End-Payer Plaintiffs in an antitrust class action filed against Allergan, Inc., for an alleged scheme to delay generic competition to Allergan’s blockbuster Restasis drug (used primarily for chronic dry eyes treatment). The Firm sued on behalf of its client and named Class representative, Self-Insured Schools of California, which alleges that Allergan unlawfully extended its monopoly in the market for Restasis through a series of fraudulent and anticompetitive acts. Class certification motions are briefed, and a Court decision is pending. Trial is scheduled for late 2020.
  • UFC Antitrust Litigation: The Firm is Co-Lead Counsel for current and former Elite Professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Fighters in an antitrust class action against Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), alleging that UFC illegally acquired and maintained a monopoly and monopsony power over Elite Professional MMA fighters, and used that power to suppress their compensation.
  • Interior Molded Doors Litigation: The Firm is Interim Co-Lead Counsel for a proposed Indirect Purchaser Plaintiffs Class of individuals and companies who purchased interior molded doors from Defendants JELD-WEN, Inc. and Masonite Corporation. Plaintiffs allege that as a result of Defendants’ anticompetitive conduct, Plaintiffs and other potential Class members paid more for doors than they would have in a competitive environment.


Are you a victim of unfair competition? Have illegal agreements or other forms of collusive behavior hampered your employment or purchasing prospects? Has your intellectual property been appropriated by another person or company?  Or has a business dispute passed the point of resolution?

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