With over 100 years of combined experience, the Joseph Saveri Law Firm’s attorneys effectively advocate on behalf of plaintiff classes in consumer protection litigation covering diverse industries such as banking and financial services, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods.

Our skilled team is dedicated to safeguarding the consumers of goods and services, advocating for successful resolutions for false advertising, fraud, unethical behavior, violations of consumer protection laws, negligence, insurer bad faith, lending schemes, defective or unsafe products, improper financial billings, data breaches, right to privacy, and other unfair business practices. We protect consumers through enforcement of federal and state laws, and to achieve ground-breaking results. We prosecute class actions to redress the wrongdoing and to obtain compensation for those harmed. Based on our track record of success, courts appoint our firm to lead cases advancing the rights of consumers.

Federal and state law provide several remedies through statutes, rules, regulations, and common law.  In addition to enforcement by federal, state, and local authorities, consumer protection lawsuits provide an important way of obtaining justice for those injured when they buy and/or sell goods or services.

Our team of trusted lawyers protects consumers and helps consumers redress their injuries and eliminate violations of law. We have successfully brought to trial a number of these cases.


  • Epi-Pen Price Fixing Litigation: The firm, part of the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee, represents drug purchasers in a consolidated class action suit alleging that Pfizer and Mylan—manufacturer and distributor of the epinephrine autoinjector EpiPen, respectively—have unlawfully created and abused a monopoly for the life-saving product. Plaintiffs seek recovery of damages and overpayments from at least 2009 through the present, as well as injunctive relief under the federal antitrust laws and various state consumer protection and antitrust laws.
  • Nestlé Bottled Water Litigation: As Co-Lead Counsel, we represent a plaintiff class alleging that Nestlé Waters of North America has been misleading consumers for years by falsely claiming that its “Poland Spring” water is natural spring water and charging lower prices that genuine spring water purveyors cannot match. Plaintiffs seek injunctive relief and refunds of the unjustified premiums Poland Spring Water consumers have paid.


Have you been overcharged for goods and services that you need? Are you the victim of fraud or other deceptive business practices?? We encourage you to contact us about these and other issues you are aware of that impact you, your colleagues, or your friends and family. We will answer your questions and evaluate your situation without charge, and any conversations will be kept confidential as provided by law. Our experienced team is here to protect consumers and purchasers like you.