Elissa A. Buchanan

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Elissa A. Buchanan’s legal expertise focuses on antitrust, construction defect, and corporate securities and shareholder litigation. She plays an active role in deposition and trial preparation and manages a team of document reviewers tasked with analyzing and organizing extensive e-discovery. She works primarily on antitrust drug cases involving pay-for-delay, PBM (pharmacy benefit management or manager) kickbacks, and generic drug company collusion. She takes pride in providing positive outcomes for consumers and overall fairness in the healthcare system.

Elissa has taken the lead role in forming the Firm’s “Green Team,” a group of employees who have organized personnel and implemented policy changes to ensure that the Firm is environmentally responsible. They have successfully achieved the Firm’s designation as a Certified Green Business by the San Francisco Green Business Program.

Prior to joining the Firm, Elissa worked as a contract attorney on construction defect litigation and antitrust and personal injury class actions. During law school, she interned at California Lawyers for the Arts, where she worked with clients to find solutions to copyright and trademark issues. She also was a technical editor for the Journal of Law and Social Justice and volunteered for Law in Motion, a program that provides opportunities for the law school community to reflect on issues of social justice and access to equal justice through various activities and events.

Elissa is a member of the American Bar Association.


  • Capacitors Price-Fixing Antitrust Litigation: The Firm is Sole Lead Counsel in a class-action lawsuit alleging that global capacitor manufacturers conspired to fix prices, forcing direct purchasers to pay more. The class is certified and trial is proceeding in 2021. Initial settlements in the case total $343.5 million;
  • EpiPen Marketing, Sales Practices, and Antitrust Litigation: The Firm is on the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee leading a class action alleging that Pfizer and Mylan—manufacturer and distributor of the epinephrine autoinjector EpiPen, respectively—have unlawfully created and abused a monopoly for the life-saving product. Plaintiffs seek to recover damages and overpayments from at least 2009 through the present, as well as injunctive relief under the federal antitrust laws and various state consumer protection and antitrust laws;
  • Generic Drug Price-Fixing Antitrust Litigation: The Firm is on the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee representing U.S. consumers and insurers in a multi-district antitrust litigation accusing several generic drug manufacturers with conspiring to fix and raise prices for dozens of generic medications. In the past few years, prices for these drugs have skyrocketed by more than 1,000 percent. Consumers blame the companies for engineering these price hikes, eliminating the benefits of competition, and forcing them to pay exorbitant prices. The Firm is also currently investigating many other generic drugs for potential class action claims;
  • UFC Antitrust Litigation: The Firm is Co-Lead Counsel for current and former Elite Professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Fighters in a class action lawsuit against Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), alleging that UFC illegally acquired and maintained a monopoly and monopsony power over Elite Professional MMA fighters, and used that power to suppress their compensation; and
  • Diisocyanates Antitrust Litigation: The Firm represents Direct Purchaser Plaintiffs in a case alleging price fixing conspiracy among several manufacturers of polyurethane input chemicals colloquially referred to as MDI and TDI. Defendants’ motions to dismiss have been denied. Discovery is currently in progress.