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Ronnie Seidel Spiegel has over two decades of experience litigating and managing all phases of complex antitrust litigation from filing through trial, with a special focus on e-discovery negotiation and case management. She is also a go-to person in the industry regarding translation issues and the use of foreign-language evidence. Her approach to complex case litigation is both substantive and pragmatic. She has a deep understanding of the legal issues and facts involved in her cases, but also strives to set up an efficient framework at the outset of each case so that the case can run smoothly and the best possible result for clients and plaintiff-classes can be achieved.

Ronnie comes to the Firm after 16 years at Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP, where she was a partner since 2013. While there, she focused on representing direct purchasers and end-consumers, and played key roles in some of the largest price-fixing, monopolization, and complex litigation cases in the country. Some of her most notable cases included leadership and management of:

  • In re DRAM Antitrust Litigation
  • In re SRAM Antitrust Litigation
  • In re Cathode Ray Tube Antitrust Litigation
  • In re TFT-LCD (Flat Panel) Antitrust Litigation
  • In re Automotive Parts Antitrust Litigation
  • In re Containerboard Antitrust Litigation
  • In re McKesson Corp. Shareholder Derivative Litigation
  • In re Apple iPhone Litigation
  • In re Google Android Litigation

Ronnie also previously worked as an associate at Spector, Roseman & Kodroff, where she helped develop the firm’s antitrust practice and managed its North Carolina office. While there, she played a significant role in several landmark cases, including: In re Brand Name Prescription Drugs Antitrust Litigation, In re Vitamins Antitrust Litigation, In re NASDAQ Market-Makers Antitrust Litigation, In re High Fructose Corn Syrup Antitrust Litigation, In re Commercial Tissue Paper Antitrust Litigation, and In re Flat Glass Antitrust Litigation.

Ronnie has received many accolades during her legal career, including being selected as The National Trial Lawyers: Top 100 and by Lawdragon as one of its 500 Leading Plaintiff Financial Lawyers.

Ronnie Seidel Spiegel is a member of the American Bar Association's Antitrust Section, the Sedona Conference, Working Group 1, and was a member of the drafting team for the Sedona Conference’s revised Rule 45 Commentary (published October 2020). She is a current participant in Ladder Down, a networking, mentoring, and executive training program for women leaders in the Seattle legal community. She is also a former Board Member of the MAMAS organization, a resource and networking organization in Seattle for those trying to balance motherhood and a legal career.

  • Altria-JUUL E-Cigarette Antitrust Litigation: The Firm is Interim Lead Counsel involved in e-cigarette antitrust lawsuits against Altria Group, Inc. and Juul Labs, Inc. (“JLI”) on behalf of individuals and businesses who purchased JUUL e-cigarette devices directly from JLI December 2018-present. The suits stem from an allegedly anticompetitive Altria/JLI agreement whereby Altria agreed to acquire an ownership interest in JLI in exchange for over $12 billion. Altria also allegedly agreed not to compete with JLI and to provide JLI valuable retail shelf space in the e-cigarette market. Through this agreement, JLI maintained its dominance in the e-cigarette market and earned monopoly profits;
  • In re 2021 Short Squeeze Antitrust Litigation: The Firm is Interim Co-Lead Counsel in a suit on behalf of a proposed class of retail investors against Robinhood Markets, Inc. and various brokerages, investment funds, and other co-conspirators who allegedly entered an illegal scheme designed to shield themselves from massive industry losses they had incurred due to their highly speculative short selling strategies. Plaintiffs allege that they and other retail investors continue to be injured due to a large, overarching conspiracy among Defendants to stop them from buying stocks in open and fair public securities markets. Plaintiffs seek damages recovery and injunctive relief;
  • Surgical Care “No-Poach” Antitrust Litigation: The Firm is Interim Co-Lead Counsel, representing a potential Class of senior-level employees in an antitrust suit filed against Defendants Surgical Care Affiliates, United Surgical Partners International, and at least one other unnamed healthcare service provider. Plaintiffs allege Defendants entered into “no-poach” agreements not to compete for senior-level employees in the United States. Plaintiffs seek to damages recovery and injunctive relief to prevent Defendants from retaining the benefits of their alleged antitrust violations;
  • Varsity All Star and Scholastic Cheer Market Price-Fixing Litigation: The Firm represents competitive cheer families in an antitrust suit against Varsity Brands and other Defendants. Plaintiffs allege Defendants abused Varsity's market power to raise, fix, and stabilize the prices charged and associated with competitive cheer. As a result, cheer athletes, together with their parents, friends, and families, have been overcharged by the Defendants, who have obtained millions of dollars in supracompetitive illegal profits. Plaintiffs seek to recover damages recovery and injunctive relief.
  • Lawdragon: 500 Leading Plaintiff Financial Lawyers
  • The National Trial Lawyers: Top 100


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