The Joseph Saveri Law Firm is investigating Google and Facebook regarding an alleged conspiracy to allocate the market for online digital display advertising. We believe these companies have engaged in anticompetitive conduct that has likely harmed publishers that sell advertisements and businesses that purchase advertisements using Google’s products, including Google Ad Manager (“GAM”) (formerly two separate products: DoubleClick for Publishers and AdX) and Google’s Display & Video 360 (“DV360”) (formerly DoubleClick Bid Manager).

Google and Facebook – competitors in the display advertisement market – agreed to not compete under a deal codenamed “Jedi Blue.” Under the terms of Jedi Blue, Facebook agreed not to utilize or support “header bidding,” a technology that would allow publishers and advertisers to circumvent Google’s monopoly over technology enabling the buying and selling of digital display advertisements. In exchange, Facebook received preferential treatment while using Google’s software.

This agreement not to compete entrenched Google’s monopoly while allowing Facebook to share in Google’s monopoly profits. We believe businesses that purchased digital display advertisements using DV360 and publishers that sold these advertisements using GAM could recover damages resulting from Facebook and Google’s anticompetitive agreement.

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  • Purchased digital display advertisements using Google’s Display & Video 360 (“DV360”) and therefore potentially overpaid for those goods and services or have been unable to reach your desired target audience with your ads;
  • Sold digital display advertising using Google’s Ad Manager (“GAM”) as a publisher or content creator and therefore potentially received less than you otherwise would have but for Facebook and Google’s anticompetitive agreement.

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