The Joseph Saveri Law Firm is currently involved in arbitration against H&R Block, Inc. and H&R Block Tax Services LLC (together, “H&R Block”) on behalf of tax preparers who worked for H&R Block or its franchisees. Since 2018, the firm has investigated claims of H&R Block no-poach agreements, which unlawfully suppressed the wages and mobility of its employees.

Defendants’ agreements allegedly prohibited and prevented competition between and among H&R Block and its franchisees or employees. They unreasonably limited franchisees’ ability to solicit employees who work for H&R Block or other franchisees, thereby reducing the pool of experienced candidates available to them and decreasing the employment options available to current employees. The pool reduction lowered the bargaining power of employees and depressed wages.

Employees’ compensation was allegedly suppressed due to H&R Block and other co-conspirators’ efforts circa January 2009 through May 2018 to conspire to recruit employees and potential employees, including by entering into agreements to not solicit or recruit each other’s personnel. Defendants allegedly orchestrated, dispersed, and enforced these agreements among themselves and all franchisees, including partly through an explicit contractual prohibition contained in standard H&R Block franchise agreements. The H&R Block no-poach agreements violated the Sherman Act, 15 U.S.C. § 1, limited Plaintiff’s and potential Class members’ job mobility, and suppressed their compensation below levels that would have been otherwise available.

H&R Block is the largest consumer tax services provider in the United States and provides tax preparation and assistance services at physical offices, online, and via desktop and mobile applications.

Please contact the firm if:

  • You believe you may have been affected by or you have knowledge of the alleged agreements not to hire employees from other H&R Block corporate locations or franchises; or
  • You would like to learn more about these allegations or our other no-poach cases and investigations.

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