Joseph Saveri Selected to “America’s Top 100 Attorneys”

Joseph Saveri has been selected as one of “America’s Top 100 Attorneys” by America’s Top 100 LLC.

America’s Top 100 LLC recognizes annually and on a lifetime basis the most qualified and accomplished professionals in various fields of practice, including attorneys, doctors, dentists, realtors, accountants, engineers, and architects (among other professionals). Membership in each specific category is by invitation-only after a multi-phase selection process including third-party research and statistical analysis of a candidate’s professional experience, achievements, significant results, community impact, peer reputation, consumer satisfaction, and other proprietary factors specific to each profession.

Membership is limited to the top 100 professionals from each state in each category of practice who best exhibit excellence and the highest ethical standards in their respective professions. Membership selection is intended to help the community identify the cream of the crop in each profession and assist with professional networking among the nation’s top professionals.

With these extremely high standards for selection to “America’s Top 100 Attorneys,” less than one-half percent of active attorneys in the United States will receive this honor—truly the most exclusive and elite level of attorneys in the community. This honor is not given every year, or every 10 years; it is given but once-in-a-lifetime. Once all 100 attorneys have been selected for a specific state’s lifetime membership, the selection process will be closed and no more attorneys will be eligible for lifetime membership among “America’s Top 100 Attorneys” in that state until an existing member passes away, retires from active practice, moves out of state, or is otherwise unable to actively practice law.