How a $1.6 Billion Lawsuit May Change the UFC Forever

(Bloomberg News) Bloomberg News today released a video report about an antitrust class action lawsuit in which the Joseph Saveri Law Firm is Co-Lead Counsel representing a class of current and former professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters against Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The video, narrated by reporter Josh Eidelson, offers comprehensive coverage of UFC, including the underlying issues, business impact, and status of the antitrust litigation to date.

The class action, Cung Le v. Zuffa, LLC, alleges Zuffa LLC (which does business as UFC) with illegally acquired and maintained monopoly power in the market for MMA promotions over MMA fighters, and used that power to suppress UFC fighters' compensation.

Plaintiffs are MMA Fighters who allege UFC unlawfully obtained monopoly power by impairing other MMA promoters’ ability to compete in the market for MMA promotions. UFC is the largest promoter of MMA events, with some 90% of the market, and has used its dominant position to extract one-sided concessions from the fighters and prevent competition for the fighters’ services. As a result, UFC has been able to suppress fighter compensation and impose exploitive contract terms on the fighters, locking them into long-term contracts for the length of their productive careers.

The suit seeks treble damages under Section 2 of the Sherman Act, as well as injunctive relief for current and former MMA fighters. The case is pending in the United States District Court for the District of Nevada. Motions for class certification and summary judgment are fully briefed. United States District Judge Richard F. Boulware stated at a December 10, 2020, hearing that he would be certifying the class.