Business Today Names Joseph Saveri "Top 10 Influential Antitrust Plaintiffs Shaping U.S. Law"

Joseph Saveri Law Firm, LLP partner Joseph Saveri has been named by Business Today as among the “Top 10 Influential Antitrust Plaintiffs Shaping U.S. Law: Nation’s Legal Titans.”

Per Business Today, lawyers such as Joe “stand out for their outstanding expertise, unflagging dedication, and the impact they have had across the nation.” They “have dedicated their careers to ensuring that anti-competitive business practices are held to account and justice is sought for their clients. Their caseloads tackle pressing issues ranging from market price manipulations to price-fixing conspiracies and unfair business practices. And they have played key roles in litigating major class action suits, successfully demonstrating their ability to navigate complex legal issues.”

Joe was praised as “one of the most respected lawyers in his field,” one “admired for his top-notch work leading class action litigation against titans in the tech, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing sectors.”

Joe was commended for his expertise in price-fixing, monopolization, and conspiracy claims, which has made him “one of the most respected lawyers in his field. His colleagues and clients readily pile praises on his fine legal acumen and strategic approach to litigations.”

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