Joseph Saveri: Leading the Conversation on Antitrust and AI Law

Joseph Saveri, founder and partner at the Joseph Saveri Law Firm, LLP, is a prominent voice in the legal world, particularly on issues surrounding antitrust and complex litigation. Beyond his role as a litigator, Joe is a sought-after speaker, and recently, his focus has shifted toward the groundbreaking legal battles concerning generative artificial intelligence (AI) and intellectual property.

Shaping the Future of AI Law

In recent months, Joe has participated in a series of high-profile engagements, each offering valuable insights into the legal landscape surrounding AI Law:

  • June 2024: Joe joined a virtual panel discussion at the prestigious Seattle University School of Law's 7th Annual Innovation and Technology Law Conference. The session, titled "Generative AI: Infringement or Innovation," saw Mr. Saveri discuss the firm's ongoing litigation representing artists, coders, and authors impacted by the use of copyrighted works in AI training.
  • February 2024: Joe addressed the Television Academy in North Hollywood, discussing "Generative AI and the Current Legal Landscape." He emphasized the nascent nature of AI development and the crucial role litigation will play in shaping regulations and legal frameworks for this emerging technology.
  • December 2023: Joe joined an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences member conversation on AI. This forum offered a comprehensive overview of AI advancements and the legal and ethical challenges they present. His participation fostered crucial cross-industry dialogue on navigating these complex issues.
  • November 2023: Joe shared his expertise at the Association of Business Trial Lawyers' Northern California event on "Legal Challenges to Generative AI." This event allowed him to explore the intricate legal issues surrounding AI, the opportunities and challenges it presents, and the firm's pioneering cases in this space.
  • October 2023: Joe addressed the 33rd annual Golden State Institute Conference in San Francisco, discussing the critical intersection of artificial intelligence and competition law.

(Screen Grab from the Television Academy's "AI Summit: Generative AI And The Current Legal Landscape" presentation)

A Legacy of Antitrust Expertise

Joe’s leadership extends beyond AI. He is a nationally recognized authority on antitrust issues and complex litigation, regularly speaking at and chairing panels at prestigious gatherings such as the Global Class Actions Symposiums and U.S. Department of Justice Antitrust Division roundtables. His contributions to legal publications like California Antitrust and Unfair Competition Law further solidify his position as a leading expert.

Active Engagement and Shaping the Legal Landscape

Joe’s commitment extends to active participation in legal organizations such as the American Antitrust Institute and the American Bar Association. He has also served on various court committees, shaping rules and programs related to complex litigation and e-discovery.

Our firm is committed to protecting individuals and creators. We have, and are, filing antitrust AI litigation against companies that are taking advantage of generative AI technology to unfairly squeeze out competition and increase their own profits to the detriment of smaller creators.